I have a news reader application out for Android called Austria Reader that has now more than 2000 active installs, which is not too bad for being out for about 3 months I think. Today Google introduced statistics for each application, so I thought I share these with you. A news reader app should be quite representational.

OS versions

So, for all developers, I think we can just ignore all versions below 2.1, its less than 0.2 percent.


For the devices I am quite surprised that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is on 2nd place, past the Galaxy S. Galaxy S has a 31.5% lead to the uprunner HTC Desire. I was sure the Galaxy will be on top, but such a lead is quite surprising.

The manufacturers comparison:

  • Samsung: 59.3%
  • HTC: 24.3%
  • Motorola: 2.3%
  • SE: 4%

Will be interesting how this is gonna change over the next couple of months.

If you can share statistics, let me know and link to it in the comments.