For the project I am working on I was implementing the Google Maps places autocomplete to auto fill the shipping address from the suggestions Google brings up. Implementation was straight forward, all worked fine on Desktop, Android, but not on iOS.

So after doing lots of debugging and the first time even did remote debugging through Chrome I figured out that some event handler was interferring with the suggestion popup. I’ve actually did not figure out which one it was in the end.

Anyways, here’s my solution. It’s a bit of a hack as the I couldn’t get the event handling working on the not yet existing DOM element, somehow the jQuery implementation did not work.

Here’s my solution

      q.Logger.debug "AddressAutocomplete Init"
      $('#autocomplete').on 'focus', (e) ->

      @$autocomplete = new google.maps.places.Autocomplete(document.getElementById('autocomplete'),{ types: ['geocode'] })
      google.maps.event.addListener @$autocomplete, 'place_changed', () ->

      # Hack for iOS devices
      # ugly but couldn't get the event listener working otherwise
      $('#autocomplete').on 'keyup', (e) ->
        $('.pac-container').on 'touchend', (e) ->

      return null