We not only develop Software, we develop businesses!

The internet transformed our life, we are connected everytime and everywhere. A lot of businesses however are still trying to catch up while being stuck using old technologies and systems. We help them to make their data accessible everywhere on every device.

Web Applications Development

We build applications on modern technologies to improve your internal workflows, process your data or to bring your data into the cloud. Our systems are fast, scalable and open (we don't lock you into our own solutions).

  • Intranet solutions
  • Real-time apps
  • Automated billing systems
  • Cloud services
  • Platform or Software as a Service solutions
  • Mapping software
  • ... learn more below

Consulting Services

Your project is not working like it should? Your are still stuck with the waterfall methodology and want to become more agile? It takes ages to release a new version of your product?

Working with agile startups around the world, we know how to bring products to life quickly while maintaining high quality. We can help you to introduce agile methodologies and tools to your company.

  • Project management
  • On site training
  • Technology reviews

Intranet solutions

We are experts in optimizing internal workflows to empower your employees to work more efficiently and allow them to collaborate easily. When working with you we guide you through the process to create the right product the first time.

Our agile approach allows us to release new features in weekly or less iteration cycles. In that way there will be no surprises on a final delivery.

Location based services

Using smartphones and modern browsers applications are aware of a users location so that you don't need to display generic information to your customers or employees, but can display the relevant information for the current location.

Services like this can help you to be more efficient or drive sales. Even if your data is not yet location aware, we can help you to extend your data so that it will be.

Only display information a user really needs!

Real time solutions

For a lot of businesses it is vital to know exactly how much the failure rate currently is, how many users a product use or where it's drivers are located. Previously this was only possible through expensive systems. New web application servers and the latest browsers have lowered the barriers extensively and such system can be implemented easily.

You know what's vital for your business, we can visualize it in Realtime, no matter if it's a number or a graph.

Mapping applications

To optimize a driver's route it often requires to visualize where a driver has been driving. Displaying such a track is one of the scenarios for a mapping application. Other scenarios could be to display a skiing resort with all the ski lifts and ski runs on the map.

Whatever you want to visualize on a map, we can help you with it.

Billing solutions

Sometimes existing billing solutions don't fit your needs, or you don't even have a automatic billing system. We worked on different implementations to allow one time or recurring billings.

Cloud solutions

Looking back at 5+ years experience with the Amazon Cloud and developing SAAS (Software as a Serice) and PAAS (Platform as a Service) solutions we are experts in moving your project into the cloud. Speak to us how the Cloud can help your business.