I guess if you found this blog post, you have experienced what everyone experiences who is tracking his hike, rides…. with a GPS tracking device. No matter if its Garmin, Magellan, the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy or any other smartphones out there. GPS tracks often have one, two or more points that are far off the path you walked. This often occurs if you don’t have the best reception. GPS devices like a Garmin are usually less error prone than smartphones as they have better chips inside.

So now what to do? I guess you already use Breadcrumbs, if not I really think you should. Its a great application to manage your GPX tracks, photos and videos. Breadcrumbs lets you edit the track in a simple way.

Just click on the Edit button and select “Edit track”

Now you see that the line has several squares along the track. Just grab one of these squares and drag it to the place where it actually should be. Then press save and you have your perfect track. If you like you export the corrected track and use it in another application.

drag gps point

Breadcrumbs has now updated its Editing features and allows even to delete points. Check out the video on the blog post Editing GPS Tracks with Breadcrumbs just got better!