As I am currently working on an application that triggers an event when clicking on a map I needed to implement a test for that.

What I needed was to trigger a mouse click on an exact position on the map.

First you will need to extend cucumber (capybara). Create the click at functionality:

# features/support/mouse_click.rb
Capybara::Node::Element.class_eval do
  def click_at(x, y)
    wait_until do
      right = x - (native.size.width / 2)
      top = y - (native.size.height / 2)
      driver.browser.action.move_to(native).move_by(right.to_i, top.to_i).click.perform

Then implement the step

And /^I click inside the map to trigger the event$/ do
  find("#map").click_at(50, 50)

You might need some additional step to make sure the map is loaded, something like this

And /^I wait for the map to appear$/ do
  page.should have_xpath("//div[@class='leaflet-map-pane']")

Hopes this helps.