The last days I was speaking to a few people about starting my own venture. Lots of people were impressed about this, somehow quite interesting but not really surprising. The entrepreneural spirit is not really high in Austria I’d say, especially not in the web world. Other people even were kind of scared by “doing it”. “What if it doesn’t work out?” was THE question asked all the time. I am happy to live in a country where it can’t be easier to try to get your own thing going. With the UGP (Unternehmungsgründungsprogramm), a programme by the Unemployment Insurance of Austria, you get support for up to 6 months (currently) to get yourself started. Its not too much, but it helps you to get through.

I am really looking forward to get things going. I know its going to be a great experience and I am excited how it gonna work out. I might be ahead of time, 1-2 years, but its worth a try. If it doesn’t work out, there still is my other venture Breadcrumbs (, a GPS Track Management software thats coming on nicely. Can’t wait to get the new release out there.