At the moment I am finishing up the last bits and pieces of my new venture called Social Campaigns. I have been working on it for a couple of months and hope to release it soon officially, of course as a ‘Beta’ app ;). In the last months it has quite changed a bit of my initial idea.

In the beginning I wanted to give local businesses an easy way to engage in social network activities, but for different reasons things didn’t work out as expected so I had to change directions. Not unusual for a startup, heh!. Now Social Campaigns is a platform for analyzing user interactions on updates (posts) across Facebook and Twitter. I’ll give you a quick example. Lets say you post a link through the Social Campaigns interface on Facebook and Twitter. Now you can go on the details tab of this update and you will get following metrics:

  • likes count
  • comments count
  • retweets count
  • total interactions (sum of above)
  • potential tweet reach
  • page views
  • unique page views

All the metrics in one sweet spot. Social Campaigns is also thinking in campaigns. Lets say you have a winter sale going on for a week, where you have a new offer each day, so you probably want to group all those updates into a campaign called ‘Winter Sale’. So you are able to do this (actually creating a campaign is the first thing you do). Now you will be able to get all the metrics above combined for all updates in this campaign.

I think that will give you a quick overview on Social Campaigns, but its better that you check the Tour with all the screenshots. Let me know if you have any questions.

Btw, all the content is available in german as well. Here the link to the german homepage: Social Campaigns and the tour in german: Social Campaigns Tour