The work to expand the Ruby ecosystem for Crate continues. After starting the at the mountain hackathon I’ve continued to work on providing a Rails adapter for it.

Developing the basic driver was mostly straight forward, the abstract adapter Rails provides makes it pretty easy to implement a new driver. The only things I’ve struggled with, was an issue where I couldn’t find the record after creating it. Gave me some real headaches until I reached out to the Crate guys to find out that Crate is eventually consistent, meaning that a table refreshes after 1000ms and a new record can only be found by the primary key before the refresh.


I haven’t released a gem yet, as there are still things lacking, like updating nested arrays. I also need to implement a proper hash mappings. Like always these things might be already fixed when you read this.

So to install it in your Rails (or other framework) project simply add the following to your Gemfile

gem 'activerecord-crate-adapter', github: "crate/activerecord-crate-adapter"


Just update your Rails database.yml

default: &default
  adapter: crate
  port: 4200

As Crate doesn’t come with an autoincrement feature make sure you set one by default in your models. I am using SecureRandom.uuid.

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base

  before_validation :set_id, on: :create


  def set_id = SecureRandom.uuid



Feel free to submit pull requests or log issues on Github. I try to implement it when I have time.