Another hour spent on debugging a strange behavior of Chrome (Chromium), might even be a Webkit problem. When I was loading a page, Chrome loaded the page twice, I relized that when having a break point in my Rails controller and saw it stopped there twice.

First I thought it might be a routing problem or some of my plugins are somehow interfering or its one of my before_filters. So I started commenting out my before_filters, and investigated if this is controller specific or all over the place. And yes, it was all over the place.

Not finding a solution I started googling and found this post on StackOverflow: page loads twice in Google chrome. So, first of all I checked if this was a Chromium specific issue, and yes it was. Firefox did not show this behaviour. The post talked about an empty img src tag that caused it. After commenting out some code I found my bug, it was not an empty img src tag, but an empty stylesheet reference

<pre><link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” type=”text/css”/></pre>

So be warned, never have an empty reference in your html files!