As I am now working on my upcoming venture that I have in my mind for more than a year I have decided to use a mindmapping tool called FreeMind. Actually it wasn’t really my idea to use a mindmapping tool it just happen that my brother, after a 3 hours brainstorming session went home and collected our thoughts into this tool (and spun some ideas further). So the next day I got surprisingly an email from him with a file in the FreeMind format. So I quickly installed FreeMind to see what he has come up with. I was really astonished what he had produced the other night. I nice collection of all the important points we discussed or even just mentioned and he even added more things as well, so he had some more thoughts on it. So now I am sitting in front of FreeMind and not only collecting my ideas into this tool but furthermore organizing these. I guess I need to start using it for Breadcrumbs as well.